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Are You a Pre-Med DACA Recipient? Start Here!

With the recent news that Texas A&M University College of Medicine is considering DACA recipient applicants starting in entry year 2022, here are some things to remember as well as resources to help you along your journey to professional school.

Get the facts right

When it comes to TMDSAS DACA applicants, here's what you need to know:

  • DACA students are Texas residents and will be considered as such by TMDSAS and schools that opt to accept DACA applicants.
  • If additional schools move to consider DACA application, TMDSAS will work with that school to communicate guidelines to applicants and the pre-health community in a timely manner.
  • Make sure to visit the Residency page for more information on the supporting documentation required for DACA applicants.

Here are some resources from our colleagues at the AAMC to help you get started:

Pre-Health Dreamers is an information-sharing network that investigates and shared information on career pathways for undocumented students


Financial support is available

While DACA students are not eligible for federal financial aid, there are still many resources to help you finance your education.

Also, the Pre-Health Dreamers community has a consolidated list of some of the health professions specific opportunities.


You are not alone

Don’t forget that this journey is a marathon – and you’ll find supporters all along the way. Here’s how these DACA students found their way.

Connect with us!

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About the author: The Texas Health Education Service amplifies TMDSAS and JAMP’s missions to serve students, collegiate advisors, and professional schools in Texas by providing students with accurate educational resources to enhance their preparation for a career in the health professions, and supporting efforts by advisors and professional schools to reach students and enrich the applicant pool.

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