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Preparing for the Medical Application Deadline

Hey Medical Applicants!

The application deadline is drawing near. Have your letters of evaluation and MCAT scores been submitted? Are you expected to complete a secondary application or the CASPer Exam/Altus Suite? When are the deadlines? There are so many things to consider, you’re probably wondering if you’ve done all that is required to have a complete, well-rounded application come November 1st

To address these questions, here is a summary of important information to consider. The following information will serve as a checklist to ensure you’ve successfully completed each requirement as it applies to you and your specific program. Let’s start ticking those boxes!

Deadlines for Medical Applicants

  • November 1st @ 5PM CST - Application Submission Deadline

*All sections of the application must be complete, and the application must be submitted by the date and time above. TMDSAS does not grant deadline extensions. Payment must be entered and submitted in order to submit your application by the deadline.

  • November 15th – Letters of evaluation should be postmarked by this date.

TMDSAS will still update this section and accept letters after this date, but it is up to the discretion of the schools if they choose to accept them. Some schools will not extend an interview offer until all letters of evaluation and test scores have been received.

Letter of Evaluation Requirements

  • One Health Professions Committee Packet OR three individual letters of evaluation
  • Optional: One extra letter (not included in HP Committee Packet) may be submitted in addition to the required letters

Important information About MCAT Scores

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required for admission to medical school. All MCAT score(s) must be reported directly to TMDSAS by AAMC. The MCAT must be taken between January 2017 and September 2021 to be considered for the 2022 entry year application. 

: Baylor College of Medicine has a 3-year cut-off for MCAT scores. MCAT scores for the 2021–2022 application cycle will be accepted if the examination was taken between September 2018 and September 2021.

Check the Status of Your Letters and Scores

Go to the [Status] page and scroll to the middle and end of the page to review the status of letters and scores. A date listed under the ‘Date Received’ column indicates the date in which TMDSAS received your letter/score and it became available for the schools to see on their end.

 screenshot of TMDSAS app [status]

Have You Completed Any Required Secondary Applications or CASPer Exams/Altus Suite?

Secondary applications should be completed as soon as you submit your TMDSAS application. Any questions related to a secondary application should be directed to the respective school. Any secondary application required documents and/or fees should be sent directly to the school and NOT to TMDSAS.

For further information about the Secondary Application or CASPer Exam / Altus Suite:


A Complete Medical Application Consists of

Report Vital Changes to TMDSAS

You must notify TMDSAS of all (but not limited to) the following updates to your application: 

Additional resources are located on the TMDSAS website and the Inside Health Education Newsroom where you can find application tips and more.



TMDSAS Support

About the author: The TMDSAS Support team is here to help address your questions about how to get through the application to the schools quickly and easily.

Inside Health Education

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