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Roadmap to Professional School - Non-Traditional

Where an undergraduate pathway is relatively clear-cut, non-traditional applicants have the added challenge of forging their own path to professional school.

  1. Create a "coalition of support" that will assist you with your journey. This can include family members, partners, friends, health professions advisors, mentors, etc.
  2. Understand how holistic review works. While non-academic guidelines are provided, you need to make sure your academics are competitive.
  3. Formulate a narrative around your life experiences. Non-traditional students are highly sought because of their level of maturity and experience. Align your strengths and history with your academic and professional goals.
  4. Use available resources. Taking classes at a university? Take advantage of your access to health professions advisors, test prep support, and student organizations. 
  5. Talk to an advisor. A health professions advisor can help you take the right steps to getting admitted and offer insights into how to make your application stand out.
  6. Join the Non-Traditional Applicants Facebook group


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