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Gauging Growth in EY 2021 Applicant Pool - Veterinary Applicants

Take a look at how applications to member veterinary institutions in TMDSAS grew in EY2021.

TMDSAS saw explosive growth in applications as a whole, and one of the main contributors to this increase was the veterinary applicant pool.

graph of veterinary applicants by entry year

Applications to veterinary school through TMDSAS increased 45% in EY 2021, which represents 330 more applications than EY 2020. While veterinary applications were on an upward trajectory over the past three cycles, the growth seen in EY 2021 was unprecedented. Previous cycles saw:
Entry Year 2020
      • a 28% increase in applications or 161 more applications over the previous cycle for a total of 739 applications
Entry Year 2019
      • a 4% decrease in applications or 23 fewer applications over the previous cycle for a total of 578 applications
Entry Year 2018
      • a 9% increase in applications or 51 more applications over the previous cycle for a total of 601 applications
Entry Year 2017
      • a total of 550 applicants applied to veterinary school
At the end of entry year 2021, the new Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine joined TMDSAS. The new school along with planned increases in class size at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine are sure to increase the class size statewide.

What do these trends mean?

It is difficult to predict the future of competitiveness in the veterinary applicant pool given the historic growth and addition of a new school. However, veterinary applicants should be aware that the growth seen in EY 2021 is sure to translate to more competitive pools.
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With neither veterinary school requiring an admissions test, a larger emphasis will be placed on GPA, BCPM GPA, and the overall application. Applicants will be well served by an enhanced GPA, engaging in varieties of veterinary supervised hours, and learning about the veterinary core competencies.

Want to be more competitive?

Learn more by visiting the Courage Sessions held by the veterinary schools. 


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About the author: The Texas Health Education Service amplifies TMDSAS and JAMP’s missions to serve students, collegiate advisors, and professional schools in Texas by providing students with accurate educational resources to enhance their preparation for a career in the health professions, and supporting efforts by advisors and professional schools to reach students and enrich the applicant pool.

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