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Texas Tech University SVM Joins TMDSAS

Texas Tech University SVM Joins TMDSAS
We are pleased to announce that the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine is now officially the newest addition to TMDSAS! Applications can be submitted beginning on Wednesday, September 30 at 8 am CDT.

September 22, 2020
RE: Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine Receives Letter of Reasonable Assurance, Officially Joins TMDSAS
Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine (TTU SVM) has received their Letter of Reasonable Assurance from the American Medical Association Council of Education, enabling it to officially accept veterinary students. TTU SVM becomes the second institution of veterinary medicine in the state of Texas and the eighteenth TMDSAS member institution.
The new school opens at a time when there is growing need for veterinarians in the State and interest in veterinary medicine has been sharply increasing over the last several years. Dr. John Dascanio, Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs added, “The Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine is excited to join TMDSAS as we begin accepting applications for our inaugural class in our mission of serving rural and regional communities. Many have planned over numerous years for the school to open and we are appreciative of TMDSAS’s partnership in making this a reality.
We look forward to meeting our future students!” We look forward to working with Dr. Dascanio and the TTU SVM team as TMDSAS continues to expand opportunities to better serve the pre-health community for the benefit of future veterinarians in Texas.

Instructions for Future Applicants to Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine

The Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine will begin accepting applications on Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 at 8:00 AM CDT. Current TMDSAS applicants will receive an email from TMDSAS on how to apply to the new institution, and applicants who have not yet submitted will have the option to add TTU SVM in their [Select Schools] page of their application at that time.
The application deadline is December 21st, 2020 at 5:00 PM CST, although applicants are encouraged to submit as early as possible. Furthermore, TTU SVM will be sending out secondary application invitations on a rolling basis once they begin reviewing applications.
Matthew Meeks, M.Ed., TXHES Executive Director


About the author:The Texas Health Education Service amplifies TMDSAS and JAMP’s missions to serve students, collegiate advisors, and professional schools in Texas by providing students with accurate educational resources to enhance their preparation for a career in the health professions, and supporting efforts by advisors and professional schools to reach students and enrich the applicant pool.

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