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Parents of Texas Pre-Meds Intro: Mandy

My daughter grew up loving Science Fairs, Science Camps and Bill Nye The Science Guy. She chose to attend a Health Magnet High School to solidify her interest in science and possibly medicine.

She was lucky to have inspiring teachers and the opportunity to begin shadowing at 16 years of age. Her descriptions of open-heart surgeries and a baby being born made her face light up, she knew that she would commit to medicine!

Her high school was on the border of Mexico, across from the County Hospital and in an underserved neighborhood. She saw how difficult it was for students to get basic needs (phone, internet, physicals for sports, care for their siblings/grandparents, etc). It gave her an appreciation for the ease with which she grew up and the drive to make changes to healthcare.

She continued with a focus on the sciences (adding Math) in college and, again, had some of the most inspiring professors, a research mentor and a Health Professionals Recommendation Committee (HPRC) at her school to guide her.

She graduated with a Chemistry Degree and a Math minor. She was able to study abroad, join a sorority, work jobs on campus and be a leader in on campus health organizations.

She is a current MS2 at UTSW and is following in a path set by her father, her uncle and grandfather (she has his original “Gray’s Anatomy” from the 1950’s).

Stethescope and EKG line

About the author: The Parents of TX Pre-Meds is a group of parents with college students who dream of becoming doctor in the TX system. Our purpose is to help each other by sharing valuable insight for other parents through the process of reaching their medical school dreams.

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