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Parents of Texas Pre-Meds Intro: Veronica

Veronica's daughter grew up in a household with a mixed family/multicultural family which gave her a variety of experiences of what healthcare meant, including caring for me during high school, of which nothing rattled her.

Nothing rattled her from doctor to hospital visits. She volunteered at shelters reading to kids of abused moms and immigrants. Her major was nutrition and set up a program on how to shop and eat healthy and read labels because there are many cultures or types of families not familiar with how to prepare a healthy balanced meal. Through volunteering in GMT she built leadership skills to work in underserved communities in other countries.

Her experiences there made her realize even more of the disparity of care for women and children. She worked part time in a pediatric hospital with patients as a PCT and experienced everything from emergency, ICU, rehab and probably the most difficult--she worked through Covid. This is where she probably struggled the most because she questioned whether she was ready to apply.

We probably had more conversations that year than most to encourage her to decide what was best for her. She had so many experiences and ultimately decided to apply a little “late.” Her research was varied but she tied everything together with her experience of nutrition in cultures and how it affected different diseases and health. Those are the few of the things that I felt that made her stand out and included diversity which made her unique.

Stethescope and EKG line

About the author: The Parents of TX Pre-Meds is a group of parents with college students who dream of becoming doctor in the TX system. Our purpose is to help each other by sharing valuable insight for other parents through the process of reaching their medical school dreams.

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