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JAMP Summer Internship Recap

JAMP Summer VisitSummer 2022 was an exciting time for JAMP students and administration as partner medical schools hosted JAMP summer internships in-person after being held virtually the last two years. JAMPers engaged in various academic, cultural, and professional enrichment opportunities based on eight foundational summer internship goals. Medical school preceptorships, providing clinical experiences, learning what it's like to be a medical school student are among the many exciting opportunities JAMPers experience.

JAMP Summer VisitJAMP's Director and Associate Director, Dr. Joel Robles and Mr. Joshua Anzaldua, road tripped across the Lone Star State to engage with current JAMPers at each host medical school. From Dallas, to Houston, San Antonio, and across the Texas borderlands, Dr. Robles and Mr. Anzaldua met with summer interns and had valuable conversations spanning various topics including MCAT preparation, the TMDSAS application process, and their overall summer internship experience.

JAMP extends its deepest thanks to all partner medical schools, coordinators, and all personnel involved in planning and ensuring the JAMP 2022 summer internship experience was both engaging and meaningful for all JAMP summer interns.

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  • Date:  August 12, 2022

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