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JAMP Application Workshops

Greetings from the Joint Admission Medical Program!

JAMP is happy to announce three upcoming 60-minute virtual JAMP Application Workshops focused on helping students navigate the JAMP application and application portal.

Why become a JAMPer?

JAMP offers various benefits to students pursuing the dream of going to medical school and becoming physicians. There are three main benefits of becoming a JAMPer. The first is access to a robust MCAT preparation program beginning after admission into JAMP. A second benefit is the opportunity to attend two summer internships at one of 13 JAMP participating medical schools. At the internships, JAMPers learn about what it looks and feels like to be a medical school student, participate in preceptorships, and build a community of connection and support with fellow JAMP interns. Another significant benefit is guaranteed acceptance to a participating Texas medical school if all criteria are met. Another valuable benefit of JAMP is creating and developing meaningful connections and supportive relationships with other JAMP students across the state on your medical school journey and beyond!


Should you need to revisit information regarding JAMP and/or program eligibility criteria, review the resource links below:


Eligibility Criteria

Application Instruction Guide

What is a JAMP Faculty Director?

Find Your JAMP Faculty Director


First-Generation Medical Student Seminar (Begin at 36:08)

Participating Texas Undergraduate Institutions

Participating Texas Medical Schools

Why Attend?

JAMP Application Workshops will provide an overview of the JAMP application for entry year 2023, review an application materials checklist, provide an overview of the JAMP decision timeline, and address commonly asked application questions. Most importantly, these workshops are intended to be a resource for students who are beginning or trying to complete their application. Please know, JAMP Application Workshops are not intended to be a JAMP information session.

I'm interested! What are the next steps?

Below is the list of all upcoming JAMP Application Workshops. Choose which one (or two!) work(s) best for your schedule and complete the registration form — it's that easy! Everyone who registers will receive a reminder email prior to the workshop with the virtual streaming information.


Application Workshop Dates & Registration Link

Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 6:00PM-7:00PM (CT)

Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 6:00PM-7:00PM (CT)

Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 6:00PM-7:00PM (CT)




The September 30, 2022 JAMP application deadline is approaching fast—so you do not want to miss out!



About the author: The Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) is a special program created by the Texas Legislature to support and encourage highly qualified, economically disadvantaged Texas resident students pursuing a medical education.

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