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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine's Applicant Seminar

Looking to apply to medical school for Entry Year 2025?

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine will host a
free hybrid Applicant Seminar for first-time applicants. Take advantage of this seminar to help you stand out from your peers and get your application noticed.  

Note: If you've already applied to medical school this year, there will be
           an opportunity to attend the reapplicant seminar in March 2024.

Free Virtual Applicant Seminar

TTUHSC School of Medicine Office of Admissions will be hosting an Applicant Seminar for first time applicants to medical school!

Event Details

When: Monday, October 16, 2023 from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. CST
Where: Hybrid; Zoom or In-Person:
              Zoom: you will receive an email with a link a week before the event
              In-Person: 3601 4th Street ACB 150 Lubbock, TX 79430

The admissions team will demystify information as well give you an insight look as to how applications are seen from an admissions officer perspective.

To attend this seminar use the QR or link below to register.

Register Now or Scan to Register:
QR Code

Additional Information 

You can send questions via email to or give them a call at (806)743-2297. 


Other Helpful Links 

Admission Requirements  |  Admissions Homepage  |Advising Guidebook|Applicant Seminar Homepage


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