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Transcribing Your Transcript: Entering Coursework into Your TMDSAS Application

 Reviewing your transcripts in preparation for coursework entry into your TMDSAS application shouldn’t make you feel as if you’re standing in front of a wall of hieroglyphics. Using the resources available at your disposal should make entering coursework an easy and pain-free experience; one that doesn’t involve the feeling of “deciphering a new language”.

That is why we have taken a deep dive into our current resources to provide you with some of our favorite articles that cover this fairly simple process. We’re here to help you transcribe your transcripts and shed some light on how easy coursework entry can be!

Entering Your Coursework Made Easy in 5 Steps

Coursework Tips

Want something light to start? Check out this article for a coursework entry overview! Just 5 easy steps to help start you on your journey. Having the application handbook, your official transcripts, and the Course Listings ready, entering your coursework is made easy!


How to Enter Your Coursework?

Entering Coursework 

A novice no longer! Dive deeper into coursework entry and learn more about the details surrounding Course Area, AP Credit, Credit vs. Unit Hours, and more. As a bonus, there’s a video that covers common scenarios, so you’ll know what to do.


TMDSAS - Coursework and FAQs

Common Questions about Coursework

Now that you’ve brushed up on basic coursework knowledge, we encourage you to read on to see what common questions are being asked by applicants just like you!


TMDSAS Support

About the author: The TMDSAS Support team is here to help address your questions about how to get through the application to the schools quickly and easily.

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