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What to Do When There’s No Course Listing Available

When planning a road trip, we will often consult a map to help decide how to get to our final destination. Without one, we’d likely find ourselves lost and missing out on potentially awesome roadside attractions! As you start coding courses in your coursework section, you’ll find your institution’s course listing page is the map that helps you complete your coursework entry journey.  

What do you do when your institution isn’t listed, and you find you will have to code courses without this helpful guide? Below, we will explore a few resources and suggestions for how to code your courses when there’s no course listing available. 

What are the Prescribed Coursework Definitions?
A list of criteria for how courses may be coded while entering coursework.
  • Example 1: Lecture courses with subject matter heavy in Cellular Biology, Neurobiology, and Ecology could be considered/labeled, ‘BioLec’.
  • Example 2: Courses from the physics and/or physical science department could be considered ‘PhysLec’, ‘PhysLab’, or ‘PhysLL’ depending on the nature of the course. Some courses have combined lectures and labs.
  • Example 3: The ‘Engl’ code can be used for any course accredited by the English department that fulfills a general education English requirement for your institution. 
  • Example 4: For ‘STA’, the department could be Statistics or Math, but what’s most important is the course content. Your statistics course will likely need to include an important component like ANOVA to be considered an approved pre-req.
  • Example 5: Science courses meant for non-majors will almost always need to be labeled as ‘Other Science’.
Important Reminder: Please be aware that these courses are not always guaranteed to be coded as prerequisites for the PCR and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Refer to Your Institution’s Course Listings, if offered.
  • TMDSAS has a list of courses that have been previously approved to fulfill the educational prescribed coursework at the Course Listings page sorted by college/university name.
  • Refer to your institution’s B.S. Biology Degree Requirements to anticipate which courses will meet requirements in Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics.

Submit a Course Appeal

ONLY SUBMIT A COURSE APPEAL if you are a current applicant, to resolve a course deficiency, or to have a course included in your BCPM .

What is a course appeal?
  • Upon transmission of your application, you will have a chance to review any possible changes made to your course coding. Should you have an unexpected deficiency, or a course not included in your BCPM GPA that you feel should be, you may submit a Course Appeal.
When is the best time to submit an appeal?
  • Appeals must be submitted within 7 days of the initial email notifying applicants that their application has been transmitted to schools.
How do I submit an appeal?
When will I receive a Course Appeal determination?
  • Coursework appeal decisions will be made 10-15 business days after receipt of all required information and documentation. Please be aware processing times can be longer during peak season.

Important Reminder:
Coursework will be reviewed and adjusted, if necessary, during processing by your TMDSAS Liaison. Use your best judgment when coding courses. Adjustments made to course coding during processing will not negatively impact the processing and transmission of your application.

Key Takeaways: Use your best judgment. You have options available to you and TMDSAS will be here to support you throughout the process.

TMDSAS Support

About the author: The TMDSAS Support team is here to help address your questions about how to get through the application to the schools quickly and easily.

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