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Medical Acceptances for Non-Texas Residents 

Congratulations! As a medical applicant who is a non-Texas resident, you do not need to worry about Pre-Match Offers, Ranking, or the Match. The good thing is that there are fewer dates to keep track of, and acceptance offers are straightforward. Follow along to understand more about when and how you will receive medical acceptance offers. 


When Can I Expect to Receive an Admission Decision? 


October 15 – April 30: Admissions decisions for non-Texas residents go out. They will communicate the decision to you directly, not TMDSAS. You will not participate in the Match, you won’t worry about ranking any schools, nor will you receive any Pre-Match offers. However, you may receive multiple offers from more than one TMDSAS school during this time. 


April 30: Medical applicants who are non-Texas residents with multiple offers must decide which school to attend and withdraw from all other schools. 


Non-Texas Resident Applicants  

As you saw from the timeline above, non-Texas residents may receive an offer at any point between Oct. 15 and April 30. You can receive multiple offers during this time (insert clapping emoji here) and you can hold onto multiple offers before making your final decision. However, as soon as you get an idea of which school you wish to attend, go ahead and withdraw from the other offers. This is out of respect and courtesy to not only the schools, but also other applicants who are anxiously waiting to obtain an offer, just like you were at one point. The last day you are allowed to hold multiple offers is April 30. 


It is common for non-Texas resident applicants to also apply through AMCAS. Double-check that your TMDSAS or AMCAS school’s offer is non-binding to ensure you are following the national traffic rules. All applicants, including non-Texas residents, must follow the AAMC traffic rules. 



Medical acceptance offers are not complicated for non-Texas residents. Double-check the Match page for information by scrolling down to the middle of the page and clicking on ‘Section l: The Match Process’. Additionally, you can watch the Medical Acceptances, Pre-Match Offers, and Ranking: TMDSAS Office Hours with TMDSAS Director Enrique Jasso, as he helps you to understand the medical acceptance process. 



TMDSAS Support

About the author: The TMDSAS Support team is here to help address your questions about how to get through the application to the schools quickly and easily.

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