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Medical Acceptances for Dual Degree Program Applicants 

As the school rank preference deadline approaches, you might be a bit confused about what you’re ranking if you’re part of the dual degree-cool-kids club. The dual degree program is a separate admission process. Medical applicants who apply to a dual degree program do not need to worry about Pre-Match Offers, Ranking, or the Match. However, if you are a medical Texas resident who applied to a dual degree program, you are eligible to participate in the Match. Don’t worry, the breakdown below explains this process so that you can better understand when and how you will receive medical acceptance offers. 

When Can I Expect to Receive an Admission Decision? 

October 15th – April 30th: Admissions decisions for dual degree program applicants are sent out. During this time, you may receive multiple offers from more than one TMDSAS school or program. 

Medical applicants who applied to a dual degree program and are non-Texas residents will not participate in the Match. You won’t worry about ranking any schools, nor will you receive any Pre-Match offers. However, medical applicants who are Texas residents and applied to a dual degree program can participate in the Match, but only for the MD program (read the example below). 

April 30th: Dual degree program applicants with multiple offers must decide which program to attend and withdraw from all other schools or programs. 

Dual Degree Program Applicants 
Dual degree programs offered at institutions via TMDSAS are listed on the right-hand side in blue.

The MD and DO programs are listed on the left. Dual degree programs offered at institutions via TMDSAS are listed on the right-hand side in blue. 

If you are a Texas resident medical applicant and applied to a dual degree program, you can still rank the MD only program where you have interviewed.  

For example: If you interviewed at UTRGV and you are a Texas resident, you are eligible to rank the MD program at UTRGV. The dual degree program is a separate admissions process; therefore, you are not ranking the dual degree program, just the MD program.  

Acceptance into the MD program 

If you matched to UTRGV on March 4, then you were matched to the MD program only, not the dual degree program. Refer to the Match page and How Do I Select My School Rank Preference? for further information. 

Acceptance into the Dual Degree Program 

You may be accepted into a dual degree program, such as an MD/PhD, MD/MBA, or DO/PhD, at any participating school should you be extended an offer between October 15, 2021, and the beginning of orientation. 

If you accept an offer to a dual degree program and you are a Texas resident medical applicant, you can still participate in the Match for all schools at which you have interviewed, including the institution where you applied to the dual degree program.  


Medical acceptance offers are not complex for dual degree program applicants. However, you could participate in the Match for the MD only program if you are a Texas resident and have applied to a dual degree program at an institution where you interviewed. Double-check for a specific program on the Match page by scrolling down to the middle of the page and clicking on ‘Section l: The Match Process’. Additionally, you can watch the Medical Acceptances, Pre-Match Offers, and Ranking: TMDSAS Office Hours with TMDSAS Director Enrique Jasso, as he helps you to understand the medical acceptance process for Texas residents, non-Texas residents, and dual degree program applicants.   

Good luck! 


TMDSAS Support

About the author: The TMDSAS Support team is here to help address your questions about how to get through the application to the schools quickly and easily.

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