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The Texas Medical Association (TMA) Diversity in Medicine Scholarship Application is Available Now

TMA will provide fifteen $10,000 scholarships to EY 2023 incoming Texas medical students from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds. Apply today!

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Mentorship Programs for Middle School, High School, and Pre-Health Students Interested in Medicine

3 FREE mentorship programs to connect you to pre-med and medical students and professionals already in the world of medicine who are willing to provide their knowledge and support to students looking for guidance. 

Events/Pre-Health Experiences

Become a Mentor for the Pipeline Mentoring Institute: Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) seeks premed and medical students as well as physicians who have the passion to lead and inspire by taking on mentees from underrepresented backgrounds.

For Health Professions Advisors

Advisors/TMDSAS Support/Workshop

Planning a CASPer/Altus Strategy With Your Students

Join us in this strategy session with the Altus Assessments team as they share how your students can use the CASPer/Altus Suite to show their authentic selves in admissions applications.

Advisors/TMDSAS Support/Workshop

Leveraging Your Experiences as a Non-Traditional​ or Military Applicant

Professional schools WANT applicants with life experiences and maturity. Learn about how to align your experiences as a Non-Traditional​ or Military Applicant, and ask our panel of current professional school, non-traditional students about their journeys.




Bring your questions to our weekly TMDSAS Office Hours sessions.

Tune in live every Monday at 1 pm CT.

Watch recordings of previous sessions.

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Parent of a Pre-Med? Tell Us What You Think!

We've joined forces with the Parents of TX Pre-Meds Facebook group to learn more about what you need to know to better support your pre-med.


Parents of TX Pre-Meds Intro: Sandy

Meet Sandy, an admin of the Parents of TX Pre-Meds, an online community to support parents of aspiring physicians on Facebook.


Parents of TX Pre-Meds Intro: Veronica

Meet Veronica, lead admin of the Parents of TX Pre-Meds, an online community to support parents of aspiring physicians on Facebook.